Welcome to True Function Ninja Training Ground. Our Gym and Ninja Warrior training facility where we coach children from 5-17yrs and Adults from beginner to elite athletes.

We look forward to you starting your journey with us too.

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TFNTG - World Class Ninja Training

TFNTG is a Ninja Training facility for ALL abilities. Whatever your current level of skill, strength, fitness or confidence.... Training at TFNTG means you simply need to posses the desire to start a journey of fun, challenge and hard work, training alongside like minded people. Our goal is to become a stronger, fitter and more skilful version of ourselves, developing a Never Give Up attitude, learning to Adapt & Overcome, offering encouragement and assistance whenever possible!.... This is the way of the modern day ‘Ninja Warrior’.... This is ‘Sasuke Spirit’!

TFNTG is open to pre-booked sessions, from one-off PAYG sessions to weekly courses, and adult memberships.

All of our sessions are designed to enable you to feel empowered, motivated and inspired. Here you will begin your 'Ninja Training' journey in an exciting, fun and challenging way under the tuition and guidance of our Head Coach & International Ninja Warrior Athlete - Dion Trigg.

Dion and his team of Ninja assistants, all of whom are personally selected for their passion, patience and dedication, will teach essential skills required to overcome obstacles in training and in life!

Young Ninjas Training at TFNTG

This video is made with the aim to inspire children, and demonstrate to parents, just what can be achieved through Ninja Training with myself and my team here at TFNTG. I am extremely passionate about coaching all the children that begin their Ninja Training Journey with us, and I am always very proud of every single success and failure that happens on their journey.


Where Young Ninja's Train


Young Ninja Warriors



Courses are bookable as a term, the length of each is based on the Wiltshire school calendar.

Sessions are 1hr long, and are coached sessions run by Head Coach Dion Trigg and 1 assistant coach (Emily or Dan).

We ask that children are dropped off at the start of their session and collected at the end. We invite all parents to come in and watch the last class of each term so that you can enjoy watching the progress they have made on the obstacles we have been working on that term.

Term Time Courses
run for Ages:

5 - 7 Yrs 8 - 10 Yrs 11 - 14 Yrs 15 - 17 Yrs
Sat 10am Sat 11:30am Sat 1pm Wed 6:20pm
Thur 3:40pm Sun 11:30am Sat 3pm Fri 6:20pm
  Sun 1pm Sun 10am  
  Mon 3:40pm Mon 5pm  
  Wed 3:40pm Wed 5pm  
  Fri 3:40pm    
  Fri 5pm    
Home-Ed Age: 7-12yrs Thur 10:30am

Book your Party with us


TFNTG Birthday Ninja Training Session

We simply love hosting birthday parties here at TFNTG, providing our unique, inspirational and super fun Ninja Warrior training experience to the birthday Ninja and their friends.

We always make the birthday boy/girl feel like the star of the show, teaching the children various techniques to overcome a range of obstacles here in the gym, building the excitement and camaraderie between them from the start. Swinging, Climbing, Jumping, Balancing are skills to be enjoyed and developed during our sessions, add to this body position, timing, momentum and Belief and you could have a future Ninja Warrior in the making! Every child will be coached and empowered to "Beat The Wall", after learning our safe techniques when scaling Warped Walls.

TFNTG's Head Coach Dion Trigg and his team pride themselves on being Ninja Warrior Athletes, Coaches, and Parents and draw on all these things to ensure every child has the very best experience. The focus during our sessions is to have fun trying your best, and Never Giving Up. We ensure everyone experiences achievement and failure, using the obstacles to build confidence and self belief in the children. Sessions are always loved by all, and it is our passion to help the children to feel stronger, and more confident, whilst having tons of FUN.

Sessions are £240 for up to 10 children for 90 minutes training, this is our minimum number in order to run the session, as you will have exclusive use of the gym. We happily take more children in the session, with the additional spaces charged at £24 p/person.

We invite the birthday child’s parents to stay, watch and take plenty of photos/videos throughout the session. Guest's parents are welcome to return 15-20 mins before the end of the session to enjoy seeing the children's achievements once they have been immersed into our Ninja Warrior training experience.

We look forward to welcoming and inspiring your children at TFNTG, our World Class facility where Ninja Warrior Athletes train.

Adult Ninja Warrior Training



Becoming a member at TFNTG will give you the opportunity to have fun whilst developing your 'True Function' through Ninja Warrior Training! Being such a diverse and complete workout for both the body and mind, training with us at TFNTG is more than being simply a member of the gym and more like joining a team of positive, friendly people, having fun becoming fitter, stronger and more mentally resilient together.

There are different ways you can get involved in training at TFNTG:

We have open gym sessions which some members come to 3 times a week, and others come when they can. Your first session will always be under the guidance of one of our coaches who will take you through our safety procedures

We have our Thursday night coached class which is for all levels but is the perfect setting to come as a beginner and learn techniques, build your strength and get to know our obstacles.

You can make a 2hr group booking from 10 people - 30 people where two coaches will guide you through obstacles and show you what it's like to train Ninja Warrior obstacles at TFNTG.

Open Gym - PAYG and Membership options:

Monday Wednesday Friday
  11:15am-1:15pm 1-3pm
7:30-10pm 7:30-10pm 7:30-10pm
Membership £80 p/month Unlimited sessions
Credit Pack £125 5 sessions/valid 6 months
PAYG £30 p/session  

Thursday Evening Coached Sessions:

Thursday 8-10pm
Credit Pack £108/6 sessions/valid 4 months  
PAYG £30 p/session  

How to book:

Please book ahead for all sessions
Download our app APPLE ANDROID
Contact Dion Call or WhatsApp 07752 005 893
  Email info@truefunction.co.uk

Athletes Training at TFNTG

Since opening we have welcomed athletes to train with us from around the world. Ninjas have travelled from around the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, Russia, USA, and Japan to train at our World class facility, True Function Ninja Training Ground.

Here's a reel from Timothy Sheiff's time training here:

Our Coaches

Dion and his team of Ninja assistants, all of whom are personally selected for their passion, patience and dedication, will teach you essential skills required to overcome obstacles in training and in life!

Dion Trigg - Head Coach

TFNTG's Head Coach and International Ninja Athlete, Dion Trigg, opened his new, World Class Ninja Warrior obstacle training facility in Swindon, UK.

"My vision for True Function Ninja Training Ground, and each of my sessions is to build confidence, self belief, determination, patience and self control in all Ninjas, adults and children. Helping you to develop a Never Give Up mindset with the ability to Adapt and Overcome.

My passion for Ninja Warrior has led me to compete in 7 different countries to date, and is matched only by my passion for inspiring and motivating others. As someone who was bullied in school, and has learned confidence and self belief the hard way, I strive to teach everyone in my sessions essential skills required to overcome obstacles in training and in life!"

Emily Coward

Emily Coward has been training at TFNTG for 6.5 years, she was a Grand Finalist in Ninja Warrior UK series 6, Race For Glory.

"What I love about Ninja Warrior training, and coaching, is the excitement that comes from every achievement, no matter how big or small. Everyone is on a different journey, with different expectations, and everyone reaps the rewards from challenging themselves and daring to try something new.

I love helping people to develop new techniques, unlock new skills, overcome fears, and be proud of themselves!"

Dan Grant

AMAZING! Top 10 on the bucket list! I was sent here as a gift, with no preconceptions and I was blown away by what I experienced. Regardless of your capabilities, interests, past experiences you will find immense reward and achievement by completing simple tasks where the only challenge is yourself. If you hate the gym like I do, this is the fitness playground for you, and if you love the gym you'll be pushed beyond your sets and reps. I highly recommend anyone that wants to have fun, exercise, meet a wide range of people, challenge themselves, or improve their mental wellbeing to give it a go. It's something anyone can do, and everyone should do!

by D'Jorn Fevrier - October 2022

This is an incredible place! Perfect for training real ninja warriors of all skill levels and ages. If you want to have a good time and experience unforgettable emotions, this is the place for you! The excellent coaching staff will advise and teach you the techniques to overcome obstacles!

by Vitor Mikhailov - June 2022

My children, both boys, have attended for over a year now. Emily and Dion are both fantastic with discipline and care for the children. The boys have made exceptional progress and are still both very excited about their training each week. Their full body strength has hugely developed and confidence in many areas improved. The holiday courses they offer too are motivating and inspiring, with 100% focus on the activity, rather than just babysitting like some camps seem to deliver. Can't recommend them enough!!!

by Helen Frijia - May 2022

Such a great facility, my son loves training here, when he's not Ninja Warrior training, he's talking about Ninja Warrior training. The kids get so much encouragement as Dion and the other coaches help them to achieve their potential, the classes have lots of different ability levels and everyone leaves with a sense of achievement. It ticks so many boxes, physical activity, mental wellbeing, confidence building, problem solving and teamwork as well as being lots of fun. Can't recommend it highly enough.

by Lorna Freeman - April 2022

This place is a real gem of a find! My son is having the time of his life here and feels so motivated at the end of each session. The coaches are incredible! Not only knowledgeable but sincerely enthusiastic and will do their utmost to instil confidence and inner strength. An absolute must for all kids. Thank you True Function Ninja Warriors :)

by Anouska Harbron - April 2022

Wonderful facility matched only by the passion of Dion. Nothing else like it in the Uk. Look forward to training there again soon.

by Timothy Shieff - Mar 16, 2020

THE Ninja Gym to be in Europe! A lot of show like obstacles which are great fun, but also a perfect gym for everbody who loves to move. Besides the Ninja Training, you can train your gymnasticst skills there on a huge tumbling floor but also work on your Parkour skills or just check in for a functional workout in the fitness area. Not only for adults, it´s also great for kids which love to move. The kids area is almost as big as the adult area. You are looking for a location for a kids birthday party? Just give them a call and ask for details!

by Jaan Balke - Feb 02, 2020

This place needs to come with a warning..... YOU WILL BE HOOKED! :)
The facilities are absolutely top notch. The team and community are fantastic, with motivation and support coming from everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re a top class athlete or someone starting your ninja training journey you will always feel welcome and part of the family. Last but not least... Dion the driving force, HEART & SOUL of TFNTG. His passion for training is only surpassed by his passion for teaching and helping other reach their full potential.
I look forward so much to every training session and watching us all grow from strength to strength.

by Chris Roberts - Jan 18, 2020

You will not find a more fun, dedicated and enthusiastic Ninja Training Coach as Dion Trigg anywhere! I started training at True Function about a year ago, and it's the best fitness decision I've ever made - never been stronger and leave every time with a huge smile on my face! Get down here

by Mark McGuiness - Jul 31, 2018

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